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30 May, 2017

Top scientists appointed to advise Scottish Natural Heritage

Eight outstanding scientists have been appointed to support the scientific work of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). The new members will join SNH’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and Expert Panel to help the organisation protect Scotland’s outstanding nature and landscapes with rigorous scientific evidence.

The policy and advisory work of SNH is strongly evidence-based, and relies on the expertise and experience of staff across the organisation. These appointments add to the scientific excellence of SNH.

The SAC, together with its Expert Panel, represents a body of independent scientists who advise the SNH board and staff on science, especially on novel or contentious areas.

The new SAC appointees are Professors Dan Haydon FRSE, Neil Metcalfe FRSE and Martin Price, with Professor Richard Ennos, Professor Felicity Huntingford FRSE, Dr Rob Ogden, Dr Beth Scott and Professor Ben Wilson joining the Expert Panel.

Welcoming the new members, Professor Bob Furness FRSE, Chair of the SAC as well as a SNH board member, commented:

“I’m delighted to welcome these distinguished new members. Robust science, including external peer review and quality assurance, is vital to SNH’s work to protect Scotland’s nature and landscapes, and we very much look forward to working with our new colleagues.”

The appointments have been made to add to the complement of environmental and social scientists already advising SNH, following the recent completed terms of office by Dr Colin Shedden and Professors Robin Pakeman, Chris Spray and Alan Werritty FRSE.

SNH Chair, Dr Mike Cantlay, added:

“As a new member of the SNH team myself, I’m delighted to welcome such outstanding colleagues. They will add to the vibrancy and outreach of our scientific work. I’m especially pleased to see that our new experts have experience in such diverse areas, from the seas to mountains, modelling, animal and plant sciences, genetics, geography and people.”


Media queries - contact SNH media & public relations officer Vicki Mowat on 0131 316 2659 or or the Inverness press office on 01463 725022.

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Details on the role of the SNH SAC and Expert Panel


Details of new Committee members

Professor Dan Haydon FRSE - animal population ecology

Professor Neil Metcalfe FRSE  - freshwater ecosystems and animal and behavioural ecology

Professor Martin Price – global ecosystems’ sustainable development, socio-ecology of mountain environments, and protected areas k/subject-areas/centre-for-mountain-studies/staff/professor-martin-price

Details of new members of the SAC Expert Panel

Professor Richard Ennos – plant genetics

Professor Felicity Huntingford FRSE – behavioural ecology, fish biology and animal welfare

Dr Rob Ogden – conservation  genetics and wildlife crime forensics and

Dr Beth Scott – marine science and renewable energy developments

Professor Ben Wilson – marine mammal ecology and renewable energy developments

Scottish Natural Heritage is the government's adviser on all aspects of nature and landscape across Scotland. Our role is to help people understand, value and enjoy Scotland's nature now and in the future. For more information, visit our website at or follow us on Twitter at

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